FIOBCO Tensile shades

Stylish way to transform your outdoor area and find your own space in the shade

We create a custom design and we deliver it with a passion and a dedication to quality


Tensile Shades Tailored For You

Our experts work with you to create the perfect shade for your needs

Our in-house team is by your side from creation to installation

Tensile shades offer protection from UV rays, rain and dust

We are among the few companies working with PTFE material

Our experts work with you to create the perfect shade for your needs

Our in-house team is by your side from creation to installation

Tensile shades offer protection from UV rays, rain and dust

We are the only manufacturers offering PTFE as a material

With temperatures rising there is no better time to install tensile shades to utilise your neglected space. Make the most out of your outdoor area this summer and consult with our team of experts today.

Tensile Shade in Dubai Projects

Here are a few of many projects. We provide a professional service which includes consultation, free estimate, design and installation.

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About FIOBCO Tensile Shades

While primarily focussed on shade solutions throughout the GCC, we have previously partnered with world-renowned companies in Germany, France and Australia. Tensile shades elevate and transform your outdoor space to enhance the appearance in a way that is both attractive and practical. The sleek and simple addition of a tensile shade adds an elegant touch to your outdoor area and compliments any existing architectural décor. A favourite choice among decorators, hotels and architects, tensile shades are the perfect way to add an eye-catching element to outdoor spaces – but there are many other benefits to using tensile shades in Dubai. They also shield you from harmful UV rays and allow for ventilation and increased airflow.

Thanks to our own in-house team of industry experts, we create innovative concepts for tensile shades in Dubai in order to update outdoor spaces from tired, old-fashioned designs. We are up to date with the latest materials, designs and décor trends and strive to stay ahead of the curve, as is demonstrated by FIOBCO being the first manufacturers creating tensile shades in Dubai from the weather-resistant PTFE.

Our involvement in the creative process gives us the freedom to customise and tailor tensile shades in Dubai depending on the needs of the customer, and allows us to meet the ever-changing needs of a fast-paced region like the Middle East, where architecture is constantly evolving. Our customers can ensure that the FIOBCO team will adhere to your specific needs and will remain wholeheartedly focussed on the project at hand as part of our commitment to provide the most effective solution to ensure your happiness and the highest quality tensile shades in Dubai.

Lets’s Make your Tensile Shade Project a Success

Tensile shades are used as a sophisticated and subtle way to enhance an outdoor space while protecting it from environmental damage. FIOBCO are the UAE’s leading providers of tensile shades in Dubai and specialise in custom-made structures to suit the needs of every customer; whether it’s a five-star hotel, car park or residential area. As part of our mission to strive for innovation, we have built our own manufacturing facility – making us the first company in the United Arab Emirates to do so. By having our own team of in-house experts, we can be actively involved in all aspects of the creative process from tensile shade design to installation and everything in-between, and can ensure that we are providing the best quality solutions every time.

Tensile shades are completely customisable and come in a range of sizes and shapes in order to suit any area or space. You may decide to use one large tensile or opt for a multitude of colours while using multiple smaller shades. With our bespoke services, you can choose from a wide range of colours, styles and customisations depending on your space and personal taste. If you’re indecisive or would rather leave it up to our in-house team, our industry experts can create attention-grabbing bespoke creations that you’ll love, whether you’re looking for commercial or domestic applications.
Often commercial areas such as hotels, event venues and car parks must comply with specific rules regarding colour and design in keeping with a particular aesthetic. Our talented designers can create stylish and elegant tensile shades to compliment any theme. If you’re looking for an eye-catching shade, we can create a unique arrangement of overlapping shades of varied heights and colours, to create a combination that will turn a regular space into something extraordinary.

Our tensile shades make an outdoor space look inviting even in the midst of summer’s high temperatures thanks to vibrant colors and unique designs. However, that is not their only benefit; they can also save you from environmental damage. When living in the Middle East, it is essential to protect yourself from the powerful sun and UV rays. Tensile shades not only filter harmful UV rays and stop you from damaging your skin, but the use of carefully selected materials also prevents any furniture and equipment from weather-related damage. While the Middle East may not see rain often, with the addition of tensile shades you’ll be protected from our annual downpour too, thanks to water-repellent materials.

Another reason to invest in tensile shades is that they reduce solar heat gain and promote ventilation, in turn lessening the need for outdoor cooling solutions. Our in-house designer will analyse the space when erecting your shades and aim for both maximum coverage and maximum airflow so that you can make the most out of your outdoor space even in the hotter months. This cost-effective benefit makes tensile shades a perfect alternative for event spaces, parking lots and swimming pools.

You can choose from a range of high-quality materials to suit your needs. Created from PVC, our tensile shades are strong while remaining lightweight, and offer a cost-effective solution. The use of PVC also allows you to keep cool during scorching summer months. Alternatively, PTFE is a woven fibreglass material that is extremely durable and ideal for extreme weather conditions such as high winds or rain, and we are among the few manufacturers to use PTFE for tensile shades in Dubai. Our tensile shades are also created with a unique self-cleaning fabric that prevents dust and sand from gathering on the surface, so that your décor will look elegant and fresh no matter the weather.

Our Materials:

  •   PVC

Strong, lightweight, flexible and waterproof material that is the most cost-effective. PVC is treated to be stain, fire and UV resistant.

  •   PTFE

An extremely durable waterproof fibreglass material, fire and UV resistant, ideal for extreme weather conditions

  •   HDPE

Heavy duty woven fabrics offer strong, durable and cost-effective UV resistant material for bad weather conditions